DermaLab the only Reference Center

The only reference center in Iran for standardization of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and hygienic skin products

  • The only center in the country which has been accredited by Food and Drug Administration to issue certificates of safety and efficacy for pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and hygienic skin products


“DermaLab”mission is categorized into two groups:

Research activities:

 o   Creating national databases of cutaneous parameters in normal population in different age groups

o   Creating national databases of skin parameters in various benign and malignant skin disorders

o   Joint projects in the form of different phases of clinical trials on safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and hygienic products

  •          Clinical activities:

 o   Measuring a wide range of skin and hair biophysical parameters in patients for clinical use, and at the request of doctors

o   DermaLab has dedicated a part of its activities to providing dermatologists and the patients with a broad range of hair and skin biophysical parameters to be measured for clinical use and at the request of dermatologistswhere necessary and applicable

What makes DermaLab and its facilities unique and useful?

 o   The first comprehensive cutaneous biometrology center in Iran and the region

o   Non- invasive technology

o   Objectivity vs. subjectivity

o   High sensitivity

o   Reproducibility of results

o   In vivo assessment